Respite Services: Supporting Caregivers, Nurturing Individuals

Caring for a family member with developmental disabilities is a profound act of love, but even the most dedicated caregivers need time to rest and recharge. The Arc of Oswego County’s Respite Services provide that essential pause, offering temporary relief and reducing family stress, so caregivers can continue to provide the best care to their loved ones.

Understanding Respite Services

Our Respite Services are a compassionate extension of our commitment to families and caregivers. When life’s unavoidable circumstances arise—be it an illness, emergency, or well-deserved break—our respite care steps in to ensure continuity and quality of support for your family member with developmental disabilities.

Recreational Respite: Enrichment and Community Engagement

We offer more than just a break. Our Recreational Respite program introduces individuals with developmental disabilities to a spectrum of social and recreational activities. These are tailored to their interests and designed to foster skill development and community participation. It’s an opportunity for personal growth in a supportive and engaging environment while their caregivers take the time they need.

Site-Based Respite: Care in a Comforting Environment

Our Site-Based Respite service is a home away from home where individuals can enjoy a range of structured activities in a safe, nurturing setting. From creative arts and group exercises to culinary adventures, our program is designed to enrich the lives of participants with meaningful and enjoyable experiences.

Your Trusted Partner in Care

At The Arc of Oswego County, we understand the weight of your responsibilities and the depth of your love. That’s why our Respite Services are thoughtfully designed to give you peace of mind and your loved one a place to thrive.

Connect with us to explore how our Respite Services can support your family’s journey. Because everyone deserves time to thrive—both caregivers and their loved ones.