Mission, Vision, and Values


Arc of Oswego County has been a leader in the provision of services of individuals with disabilities since 1953.  We are a private, not-for-profit organization.  Our mission is to be a leader in the field of developmental disabilities, committed to meeting the needs of individual growth, productivity, and independence through education, advocacy, and community participation.

We provide quality programs for children and adults with disabilities.  Services include ongoing service coordination, specialized training and therapy, parent advocacy and training service, training and consultation, Medicaid services coordination, senior day rehabilitation program, guardianship assistance, and recreational respite services, and more.  All of our programs promote social, economic, and personal independence.  Our sister agency, Oswego industries, Inc., provides services to adults with disabilities together creating a comprehensive support system for individuals with disabilities in Oswego County.


The Arc of Oswego County will be the premier provider of services to persons with developmental disabilities.  Our commitment, first and foremost, will be to individuals and their families, to provide choices, information, education and supports that will allow informed decisions and opportunities for growth, personal development and fulfillment.


  • Dignity
    Demonstrate compassion
    Honor the needs of our individuals and their differences
  • Collaboration
    Effectively work together
    Clearly define goals, roles and responsibilities
    Solicit input from all stakeholders
    Communicate openly
  • Partnerships
    Engage in collaborative opportunities within the community
    Promote our services and programs
    Provide leadership in our core competencies to others
  • Excellence
    Provide well-trained staff
    Provide compassionate staff
    Provide leadership
    Provide innovative, comprehensive, individual-focused programs and services
    Provide consistent quality standards
    Adaptability to meet changing and challenging needs
  • Accountability