10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Arc of Oswego County

  1. We have a long history of providing quality services to individuals with disabilities.
  2. The Arc of Oswego County is committed to ensuring people with disabilities receive the programmatic services they need and to which they are entitled.
  3. We understand the needs of families living with a person who has a disability and give the needed support to assist individuals with disabilities enhance their personal growth and development.
  4. We continually assess and respond to an individual’s changing needs and the support and training of their caregivers.
  5. We are always seeking ways to effectively create interaction between our individuals and the community around them.
  6. We made every effort to find you a job that is interesting and rewarding through our sister agency, Oswego Industries.
  7. Arc of Oswego provides assistance to help increase awareness and understanding for people with disabilities.
  8. The Arc of Oswego County values and insists upon diversity in its leadership and membership.
  9. We make our voices heard during legislation and public policies to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities because every voice counts and makes a difference.
  10. Arc of Oswego County continues to play a vital role in the developing and nurturing of lifetime supports and services for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Our program and services speak to the promise of Lifetime Commitments!